There’s nothing like warm summer nights, long conversations and a refreshing drink! We‘ll tell you about the artists we always wanted to meet and serve the matching drink.


Which artist would you like to have a drink with on a warm summer evening?

Most definitely the artist Lee Krasner! And I’d most like to meet her at the beginning of the 1930s when she was still studying in New York at the National Academy of Design.

And where would you meet Lee Krasner?

In her apartment on 333 West Fourteenth Street in New York, which she also used as a studio. She lived there together with fellow student and lover Igor Pantuhoff. From the roof of the studio, which Krasner captured in her painting “Fourteenth Street” (1934), they must have had an unbelievable view over the Lower West Side – I would love to meet her there.

Which ingredient is essential for your drink?

Hmm, I guess in keeping with the Big Apple maybe just… apple?! 

Copyright Pauline Heyne


Jens Seidl, guest bartender at Frankfurt’s Seven Svans & The Tiny Cup, is a specialist in forgotten classics and modern craft cocktails. He creates the perfect drink for every meeting, and for the encounter with Lee Krasner he presents the “Icarus” with Calvados:


50ml good Calvados (we use Christian Drouin Selection)

6 fresh raspberries

30ml fresh lemon juice

20ml raspberry syrup

5ml Campari

Ginger Ale


Add all ingredients with some ice to a shaker, and shake vigorously. Fill a Collins glass with fresh icecubes and wind a long orange zest around the cubes along the inside of the glass, with one end hanging over the edge (just as you would do with a Horse’s Neck). Double-strain the cocktail in the glass and top with Ginger Ale; stir briefly. Garnish with edible flowers or fresh raspberries. 

How I wish I could be there: on the rooftop of a 14th street building in Manhattan, sipping ice-cold drinks on a warm summer evening with Lee Krasner, chatting about her life, her work and her beautiful home town, the sounds of this fascinating city always in the background, until the sun finally sets and we head out for a bar tour of New York’s Finest.

This drink was inspired by Krasner’s painting „Icarus“ and its bright red and orange colours. And who knows – maybe later on Lee had an apple tree and some raspberry bushes next to her house on Long Island?

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