Double Feature

For more than six years, the SCHIRN has served as a forum for national and inter­na­tional film­makers and video artists. Under the heading Double Feature, the latter present a work from their own oeuvre, followed by their favorite film. Already, films and videos by more than 50 guests have been shown. Double Feature is designed as a plat­form for various trends and forms of expres­sion in film and video produc­tion which, with the dawn of digi­ti­za­tion if not before, is now consid­ered an art form in its own right. On the last Wednesday of every month and in conver­sa­tion with the cura­tors Katha­rina Dohm, Matthias Ulrich and guest cura­tors, the invited artists provide exten­sive insight into their creative work, espe­cially their interest in film. In 2019 the audi­ence can look forward to contri­bu­tions from Barateiro, Liv Schulman and Mario Pfeifer, among others. 


Double Feature




With Shen Xin

Rather than presenting the works as objects in an exhibition room, “Double Feature” creates a cinema-like viewing situation that focuses solely on the screen. 

Constructed Futures: Haret Hreik, 2017 © Sandra Schäfer, Courtesy VG Bild-Kunst


Based on on-site research, “Constructed Futures: Haret Hreik” is a video installation in which Sandra Schäfer addresses the relationship between memory and reconstruction in the Haret Hreik district of Beirut. The latter was destroyed by Israeli air strikes in 2006 and subsequently swiftly rebuilt by Hezbollah. This reconstruction project is part of an armed conflict and geopolitical constellation in which architecture is involved in creating space, landscape and memory.


Participants to date have included Ed Atkins, Nevin Aladag, Keren Cytter, Luke Fowler, Melanie Gilligan, Heather Phillipson and Anri Sala, for example. In 2017 attendees can look forward to contributions from artists including: Eli Cortiñas, Beatrice Gibson, Pilvi Takala, Melanie Matranga, Monira Al-Qadiri, Bianca Baldi, Henning Fehr & Philipp Rühr, Ben Rivers, Tris Vonna Michell, Ani Schulze and John Skoog