Six international video artists present their new works. An exchange about new trends and forms of expression in film.

On July 22 and 23, 2020, the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt presented six international video artists with their new works in an online special of the film and video art series Double Feature. In virtually guided talks, Monira Al Qadiri, Eli Cortiñas, Ed Fornieles, Bjørn Melhus, Agnieszka Polska and Andrew Norman Wilson talk about their latest productions and their cinematic interest.

Bjørn Melhus in conversation with SCHIRN curator Matthias Ulrich

In his film and video installations, Bjørn Melhus develops an unmistakable universe with ever new protagonists whom he himself embodies. He talks with SCHIRN curator Matthias Ulrich about his film “Sugar”, showing a post-social future scenario of the world, and the humanoid robot Sugar, which fights against the loss of social consciousness of humans.

Monira Al Qadiri in conversation with SCHIRN curator Ilka Voermann

The economic and cultural development of the region around the Persian Gulf in the 20th century is a recurring theme in the work of Monira Al Qadiri. She talks to SCHIRN curator Ilka Voermann about her film “Diver”, in which four synchronized swimmers recall pearl fishing and thus a long forgotten part of the regional culture.

Eli Cortiñas in conversation with guest curator Elisabeth Pallentin

Eli Cortiñas' works deconstruct the substance of the film material and question traditional readings. The artist combines self-made film sequences, found footage and spoken sound recordings to form associative image and sound collages. With guest curator Elisabeth Pallentin she talks about her video essay “Walls Have Feelings”, which deals with the ecology of objects and their appearance.

Ed Fornieles in conversation with guest curator Anuschka Berthelius

Ed Fornieles works with participatory and immersive artistic strategies such as role-playing, staged online and offline events or virtual reality to explore social concepts such as authenticity and identity. With guest curator Anuschka Berthelius he talks about his new project “Cel”, in which patriarchal structures and toxic masculinity are at the centre of observation.

Agnieszka Polska in conversation with guest curator Johanna Laub

Questions of temporality and continuity, the influence of the past on the present and the construction of reality are recurring themes in the works of Agnieszka Polska. With guest curator Johanna Laub, she will talk about her work “The Happiest Thought”, which revives the prehistoric biosphere at the transition from the Permian to the Triassic age in atmospheric images and presents the beauty of this past lifeworld.

Andrew Norman Wilson in conversation with guest curator Rebecca Herlemann

In his cinematic works, Andrew Norman Wilson uses consciously employed formal and technical means to create a visual alienation and intervenes in the viewing habits conveyed by the cinema and the media. With guest curator Rebecca Herlemann, he talks about his new production “In the Air Tonight”, which tells of the supposed genesis of the pop song of the same name by the British musician Phil Collins.

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