With her enchanted images the graphic designer Teresa Freitas proves, that even in times of Instagram René Magritte hasn’t lost any of his magic.

On the occasion of the MAGRITTE exhibition, the SCHIRN invites international Instagrammers to get inspired by Magritte and his surreal worlds. The series starts with Teresa Freitas, graphic designer and Instagrammer based in Lisbon, who already internationally called attention with her surreal works.

"Whenever I see impeccable white clouds on a perfect blue sky, I think of Magritte. That’s the sincerity and kindness I take from his work. He was such a clever artist; exceptionally effective and direct. There is no distortion in his images, just uncanny combinations. He is not a great painter technically, but his ideas and the simplicity of representing them attract us instantly. We don’t need to try to explain his paintings, because the mystery they evoke is just that - unexplainable. His unpretentiousness and sense of humor were remarkable. This is everything I love about Magritte.

Magritte's voice resounds in our contemporary culture: his images have remained relevant throughout generations, namely for inspiring so many artists and the advertising industry. His work continuously forces us to question the nature of appearances and remember the deceptive nature of individual perception."