#ImagineMagritte: The creative director, photographer and Instagrammer Salvador Cappiello is internationally known for his series of clouds.

On the occasion of the MAGRITTE exhibition, the SCHIRN invites international Instagrammers to get inspired by Magritte and his surreal worlds. The series goes on with creative director, photographer and Instagrammer Salvador Cappiello, who was born in Venzuela and lives in Mexico City. He is known internationally for his series of clouds, which in his eyes stand for imagination, reflection and a getaway from the daily life.

What do you want to tell us with your images?

My images are an exercise in abstraction, they invite you to spend more time with yourself. We all need to get away from reality and the speed of the world and take a break. Being in the clouds helps you do that. 

What inspires your images?

I did not know that Magritte was inspiring me, at least not consciously. It was through comments from people in my Instagram account that I knew. The coincidence is an honor for me. 

For you, what is so topical about René Magritte's work ?

For me Magritte is about: abstraction, loneliness, pause, to be alone with your ideas. It is a work that allows us to take a break in this absurdly accelerated life that we live.