Nowadays one gets inundated by images and only a few stand out from the masses. The art student Chris Rellas from the US shows what happens, when timeless art encounters the world of consumption.

On the occasion of the MAGRITTE exhibition, the SCHIRN invites international Instagrammers to get inspired by Magritte and his surreal worlds. The series continues with US-based art student Christ Rellas, who combines art works with current trends in the world of consumption on his Instagram account @CopyLab.

What do you want to tell us with your images?

For this project, my goal was to convey the timelessness of Magritte. He was able to create works that make us stop and stare, even today. I took some of the common themes from his paintings and applied them to present-day fashion and advertising.

What inspires your images?

I love to create a juxtaposition, pairing the unlikely or unexpected. For the SCHIRN, I created those juxtapositions in a world of surrealist fashion.

For you, what is so topical about René Magritte's work?

Magritte's images are so beautiful and minimalist at first glance that they often give the illusion of simplicity, yet when we scratch the surface there are much deeper, thought-provoking meanings. With the state of social media now (and consumer culture in general) we've become accustomed to being constantly inundated by meaningless images, quantity over quality. Appreciating Magritte in 2017 allows us an opportunity to acknowledge the genius of images that still make us "work" to understand them.