In the inter­ac­tion between gender, language, and sculp­ture, Sagadin's works subvert existing norms

Maruša Sagadin, Luv Bird (Noses) , detail, 2023, Cardboard, wood, spackle, acrylic polymer, pigments, metal, 365 x 140 x 90 cm, Commissioned by SCHIRN Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Work of Art © Maruša Sagadin / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2023, Photo © Simon Veres


21 SEPTEMBER 2023 – 14 JANUARY 2024

Who builds what, where, and for whom? Influenced by architectural history, Maruša Sagadin (b. 1978) examines the social aspects upon which a building or place is based. Her artistic work operates at the interface between private and public spaces and combines elements from architecture, sculpture, and painting. Sagadin employs humor and exaggeration in both her language of form and use of color to reveal mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion and to break with established codes of art observation. In a playful and subversive manner, her works refer to elements of pop and subculture and applied art. In the interaction between gender, language, and sculpture, they subvert existing norms and thematize sculpture as a form of visualization. On the occasion of Slovenia’s presentation as guest of honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023, the artist is realizing new works in the Rotunda of the SCHIRN which responds to the specific characteristics of this semipublic space.

Supported by

Slovenian Ministry of Culture and SKICA Berlin - Slovenian Cultural Centre Berlin in the context of Slovenia’s Guest of Honour presence at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023