The SCHIRN presents a major solo exhibition by the Turner Prize winner


2 March 2023, 7 PM

We look forward to the opening on Wednesday, March 22 at 7 pm. Sebastian Baden, director of the SCHIRN, and Matthias Ulrich, curator of the exhibition, will speak.

Afterwards, Polygonia will be DJing. Lindsey Wang, the mind behind Polygonia, is a versatile musician and artist. Her sound identity is characterized by a mystical, deep and organic character, enriched with acoustic elements from the genres of deep techno, downtempo and ambient.


23 MARCH – 29 MAY 2023

Elizabeth Price (b. 1966) makes the transformation of digital works visible. The artist creates moving images, composing visuals, text, and sound to form spatial installations that restage cultural and sociopolitical events and focus attention on largely unnoticed stories. The SCHIRN is presenting a major solo exhibition of this winner of the Turner Prize, including both new works and others that are being shown for the first time in Germany. Each of her video works is the result of meticulous research and a wide-ranging examination of archives and collections of material. Over the course of her digital appropriation, Price develops new narratives from art objects and documents of historical events. A recurring topic is the changing world of work as a result of digitalization, the migration of manual work to emerging countries that pay low wages, and the increase in information work, office activities, and administration. The SCHIRN is showing two extensive installations, each with two corresponding videos, as well as four video lectures created during the coronavirus lockdown which provide insight into the artist’s working process. Price’s videos defamiliarize the past until it is no longer recognizable, replacing it with new, seductive, and anarchic energy.




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