For the Rotunda at the SCHIRN, CARLOS BUNGA has devised a new installation that responds to the specific architecture of the publicly accessible space

Carlos Bunga's objects double the space in which they are exhibited
His work places itself in front of the given architecture, obscures and alters it, and enables a questioning of the stony existence


18 FEBRUARY – 22 MAY 2022

Carlos Bunga describes both himself and his artistic practice as being characterized by a nomadic nature. The instability of the living environment, displacement, and migration all have a defining effect on the work of the artist. Bunga’s architectural installations challenge ideas of security and the certainty of human and material existence, instead suggesting that the only constant is perpetual change. Bunga uses simple materials, such as cardboard panels and tape in his monumental works. The everyday nature of the material, the majority of which is related to storage and transport, forms a bridge to the immediate reality of life.

For the Rotunda at the SCHIRN, the artist has devised a new installation. Used pieces of furniture form the foundation walls for a cardboard architecture that rises up to the Rotunda’s glass dome. Visitors, as a living part of the present, can move between the past, invariably set in stone, and the idea of a possible future. Bunga’s work in the Rotunda thus enters into a dialogue with the exhibition WALK!, which focuses on walking in contemporary art and will be simultaneously on view at the SCHIRN.