"In Concert" is a musical project consisting exclusively of visual artists. "In Concert" presents the musical side of the British Turner Prize–winner Martin Creed, the duo Sergej Jensen and Michaela Meise, the german shooting star Martin Eder, the New York newcomer Janine Gordon aka JahJah, the Canadian artist Rodney Graham, the American conceptual artist Stephen Prina, and the band Albers from Vienna.

Schirn not only picks up on a tradition begun in 2002 with a series of concerts and performances that opened the exhibition "Frequenzen [Hz]" or events like its concerts given by Carsten Nicolai but also demonstrates that artists are once again more frequently organizing professional bands. "In Concert" will present a broad musical spectrum, ranging from the lyrics of the American artist Stephen Prina with guitar accompaniment by way of the strident Dadaist play of the Englishman Martin Creed all the way to the polished hip-hop and rap of American Janine Gordon.