Magic of colors, cheerfulness, and joie de vivre. Henri Matisse’s cut-outs are regarded as the culmination of the artist’s career. With their unmistakable colorfulness and ornamental power, they have never ceased to hold an irresistible fascination. The world-famous works documented the memory of the intensely experienced paradise of oceanic fauna and flora in which Matisse, towards the end of his life, found the power for the realization of his dreams as an artist.

The exhibition carries the viewer off to the sensuous world of these unique compositions by the great modern master and reflects their unrestricted relevance to the present. The SCHIRN presents more than 70 of these precious pieces from international collections and museums.


Edited by Max Hollein and Olivier Berggruen, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt. With texts by Michel Anthonioz, Olivier Berggruen, Hannes Böhringer, Rémi Labrusse, Gunda Luyken, Ingrid Pfeiffer, and Margret Stuffmann. German and English editions, ca. 200 pages, Prestel Verlag, Munich, ISBN 3-7913-2799-2 (English), ISBN 3-7913-2798-4 (German).