In a discursive group exhibition, the Schirn pursues a different approach and addresses the question of how peace actually works?


from 30 June 2017

How is peace achieved? Using doves again, rainbows and flower-decked rifles? In a discursive group exhibition the SCHIRN abandons well-trodden paths. The starting point taken is the theory that peace is determined by interaction and communication between all actors existing in an ecosystem. The focus is on aspects that have since time immemorial enabled human life and coexistence, such as water, animals, plants, language, silence or gifts. International artists, among them Pia Camil, Jan de Cock, Minerva Cuevas, Ed Fornieles, Surasi Kusolwong, Isabel Lewis, Lee Mingwei, Katja Novitskova, Agnieszka Polska and Timur Si-Qin all adopt a new contemporary perspective on this topic. Here, a fundamental role will be played by the current reinterpretation of the humanist view of life and its influences on the relationship between humans and natur. Special live events such as poetry performances, concerts, lectures, or cooking sessions will form an integral part of the exhibition. The program will be developed together with the participating artists


The SCHIRN is tendering for a new PEACE logo on the occasion of the discursive themed exhibition. Deadline for receipt of entries is 8 May 2017.