29 February until 26 May 2024

The MOMEM - Museum Of Modern Electronic Music is showing "Milestones of Hip-Hop". The exhibition focuses consistently on the musical side of hip-hop and thus expands THE CULTURE at the SCHIRN.

Following the successfully tested principle of the permanent exhibition "MILESTONES - Favourite Club Tracks 1985-2020", over 50 German hip-hop artists were asked for their personal milestones of hip-hop. Among these selectors are countless Frankfurt artists such as D-Flame, Murat Güngör, Real Jay, DJ Feedback, DJ Release, Jeyz, CODX, A BOMB FX, Liz and Sabrina Setlur, as well as national artists such as Kitty Kat, MC Rene, Jan Delay, Morlockk Dilemma, Marteria, MichiBeck, Torch, Toni L and many more. The personal TOP 20 of these artists can all be heard in the "Milestones of Hip-Hop" exhibition, which is modelled on a record store. Just like in a record shop, visitors can browse through the Selectors' selection, take out records and listen to them, but the focus is on the twenty Milestones of Hip-Hop that are most frequently found in the Selectors' personal TOP 20 and whose story is told in the exhibition. A visit to the exhibition becomes a musical voyage of discovery through theMILESTONES of hip-hop and its protagonists, with a strong focus on Frankfurt's protagonists.