17, 18 AND 19 MAY 2024, admission 7.30 pm, start 8 pm

The talk series is based on the former hip-hop TV format VIVA Word Cup and will be brought live to the SCHIRN in an adapted form! Curated by Joana Tischkau, Nuray Demir, Mearg Negusse, Sophie Yukiko, Meliha Cinar and hosted by Tyron Ricketts.

Word Cup was broadcast on the music channel VIVA from 1996 to 1999 and was produced and hosted by the Afro-Austrian presenter Tyron Ricketts. Music television in the 1990s is intended here to represent the interface at which US-American culture and hip-hop in particular made its way into the youth rooms of immigrant and German young people. This is also where the German desire for Black culture can be localized, but also the misunderstandings and translation errors that have led to German rap and German hip-hop culture not being able to develop an identity comparable to that of the USA. In a live re-enactment, the format is recreated and used as a stage to critically approach the political discourses in and around hip-hop, with the degree of fidelity to the original gradually fading.

Tyron Ricketts, Photo: Sammy Hart
DJ Jellin


FRIDAY, MAY 17 2024, ENTRY 7.30 PM, START 8 PM
In a new production of the legendary VIVA show, Tyron Ricketts and his former guests look back on the magical time when hip-hop became German youth culture. A coming together of those who wrote German cultural history and a shared remembrance of moments, conflicts and motivations of the German hip-hop moment in the 90s. With D-Flame and DJ Jellin

Ramzey, Photo: Niclas Lenhard



Tyron Ricketts invites the guests who never made it onto the original Word Cup show to talk to them about the developments that German hip-hop culture has experienced post Word Cup archiving. Together with his co-host Joana Tischkau, questions are raised about the direction hip-hop has taken, why this was the case and for whom the spaces that hip-hop originally wanted to open up are actually accessible today. An attempt at deconstruction and clarification. With Mirza Odabaşı, DJ Jenni Yo, Ramzey and Necati Öziri

Alyssa, Photo: Calogero Cimino


SUNDAY, MAY 19 2024, ENTRY 7.30 PM, START 8 PM
Our latest episode brings together protagonists who dare to think and live hip-hop culture in the future, who create spaces and art that link the spirit and power of hip-hop to new rules. Tyron Ricketts himself will be a guest and will be confronted with the question of how much hip-hop there is in a queerfeminist utopia. Moderated by Sophie Yukiko. With Myassa Kraitt, Mandhla Ndubiwa, Alyssa, Lucia Leonce and DJ Triggertassi

Joana Tischkau © Diana Pfammatter
Meliha Cinar © Lisa Schmelz
Nuray Demir © Studio Schramm Berlin
Necati Öziri, Photo: Şebnur Tansu Kayaalp
DJ Triggertassi, Photo: pak designs und connect wlw
Mandhla Ndubiwa, Photo: Michelle Gutiérrez
Sophie Yukiko © Jan Kapitaen
DJ Jenni Yo, Photo: Fabian Reichenbach
Mearg Negusse © Benjamin Renter
Mirza Odabaşı, Photo: Umut Yasar Baltaci
D-Flame, Photo: Manuell Knuelle
KDM Königin der Macht, Photo: Slothpallas Deniz Örs