SCHIRN DOMINO is a project of the SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE FRANKFURT for young people aged 13-17 years in close cooperation with youth facilities and German language compensatory classes in and around Frankfurt. The goal is to inspire young people to engage with art through the SCHIRN exhibitions.

The project consists of several phases: After a thematic introduction and in consultation with the representatives of the participating youth institutions and schools, a concept for the implementation of the project is developed together. The next step is to introduce the young people to the SCHIRN exhibition. Afterwards, they deal with the topics of the exhibition in a practical way in their institutions. They will be supported by a SCHIRN art educator. The project ends with a presentation of the works created. This offers the opportunity to present the concept and the results of SCHIRN DOMINO to other youth groups and thus to win over multipliers for the project.



Crystalline buildings, clear lines and structures, but also distorted figures and fairy-tale cityscapes - the art world of the American artist Lyonel Feininger is diverse and full of surprises. The exhibition LYONEL FEININGER. RETROSPECTIVE presents an overview of Feininger's oeuvre with over 160 works and depicts important themes that run through his art like common threads.
Participants in the DOMINO project are encouraged to explore themes such as self-expression and identity, the perception of architecture, leaving home and the role of memories. They will explore the multifaceted world of the artist and the meaning behind his works, experiment with different materials, techniques and media and create their own collages, objects and prints in which they express their personal experiences and ideas.