When summer is slowly drawing to a close, we’d like to invite you to the SUMMER HANGOUT. We’ll gather on the steps of the SCHIRN to enjoy live music in a relaxed atmosphere, while Badias will provide street-side food and drinks.


More than virtually any other artist, Chris­tian Marclay, who was originally inspired by the Fluxus movement, has been shaping the no man’s land between fine art and audio culture for 35 years by using performance, collage, sculpture, photography and video to translate sound and music into visible, physical forms.

The work selected for BIG ORCHESTRA, entitled “Prêt-à-Porter” (2010) consists of a collection of salvaged items of clothing bearing prints of musical notes, which are brought to life in a performance. Gabriele Rendina Cattani and Thuy Tien Nguyen will perform „Prêt-à-Porter“, musically accompanied by violinist Sabine Akiko Ahrend and saxophonist Leonhard Huhn. 

Lorenzo Dolce


The work "Lifespan" by artists Allora & Calzadilla presents an alternative, intimate, and ephemeral approximation to the ancient rock. The vocalists Leana Alkema, Fadl Martini und Pouya Raufyan  interpret a score written specifically for this stone by the renowned American composer David Lang, whose innovative works challenge traditional notions of musical virtuosity.


Rie Naka­jima works with the tonal potential of salvaged and collected everyday items, which she sometimes modifies with kinetic and electronic devices. In her performances, she develops a sound carpet using various rhythms, which result from the interplay and combination of the various different objects.  In her performances, Onyee Lo uses kitchen utensils to prepare food and play music at the same time.