For centuries, landscape painting has always testified to power and prestige. It depicts power relations, is an instrument of propaganda or a machine of longing. Every rock, every tree, every river: a code that wants to be deciphered. So when, more than 500 years after the creation of the "Mona Lisa," singer Beyoncé poses with Jay Z in front of the painting in the Louvre in Paris for her video "Apeshit," it is only superficially a homage to art. Within a few seconds, the pair puts centuries of artistic mastery in a new light. They occupy the space and claim power.

The SCHIRN SHORTCUTS are a new moving-picture format for art education. The concept of the Shortcuts starts out with the question as to where artistic phenomena or styles come from and how they develop. The implementation takes place via a sophisticated form of visual storytelling. The main focus of the narrative format lies on the derivation of the context or the subject of an exhibition, be it historical, aesthetic, social or related to the material concerned.

The SCHIRN SHORTCUT is the shortest way to acquire new knowledge about art. Let's get started!

THE SCHIRN SHORTCUTS ARE MADE POSSIBLE BY „expe­ri­mente#digi­tal“ – a cultural initiative of Aven­tis Foun­da­tion