Dive into four fascinating virtual worlds and learn more about plastic in art


On the occasion of the exhibition PLASTIC WORLD, the SCHIRN presents the new digital mediation format for the first time: SCHIRN 3D PARCOURS. The innovative application offers a multi-dimensional encounter with artistic and scientific content in 3D. The free service enables users to move around in virtual spaces that are independent of the exhibition and to experience the varied material history of plastic in art as well as the change in its social valuation in an explorative way.

3D technology, moderation, informative texts and a sound collage create an immersive experience that has been developed and optimised especially for mobile use. Based on the contents of the exhibition, a predefined path leads users through four rooms in which the euphoria of pop culture, the futuristic influence of the Space Age, the critical examination of plastic waste and the ecological consequences of microplastic in the world's oceans can be experienced. Users can move deeper into the diverse world via vertical scrolling, while various hotspots display low-level mediation levels.

As a digital platform, the SCHIRN 3D PARCOURS connects the exhibition with additional discourses and cross-references and creates an interdisciplinary knowledge transfer between art and natural sciences through a cooperation with the researchers of the Senckenberg Naturmuseum Frankfurt.

THE SCHIRN 3D WORLD IS MADE POSSIBLE BY „expe­ri­mente#digi­tal“ – a cultural initiative of Aven­tis Foun­da­tion