Planned as an ongoing workshop program, individual course blocks offer an opportunity for intensive examination of concepts, methods, media and techniques in the visual arts. The age-specific courses call for an examination of the exhibition at the SCHIRN and foster aesthetic-artistic learning. They enhance participants’ practical artistic skills and make an important contribution to overall character development in young people.

SCHIRN STUDIO. THE ART WORKSHOP is facilitated by SCHIRN FREUNDE e.V. and supported by DWS Investments and Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG.


To the exhibition NEÏL BELOUFA

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 14 + 21, 5-7 PM, 15-19 years

The exhibition shows Neïl Beloufa’s films on monitors and as projections in various settings – as part of furniture-like sculptures or within a large spatial installation. Further elements like wires joining all the individual works or human-like figures made from wire point the way for visitors.

The center and the starting point are his films, which focus on such subjects as both male and female soldiers, fitness, beauty and the cult of the body, but also weapons and the staging of power. Both the films themselves and the arrangement and presentation of the works permit the merging of fiction and reality so that, for the observer, it becomes impossible to separate what’s true from what’s false.

In this course, an examination of the young French artist Beloufa will prompt participants to create their own works. In doing so, they have a free choice of artistic techniques.


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