By way of homage to Lee Krasner’s striking and elegant style we cordially invite you to wear your own version of the Lee Krasner style. Get creative with your fashion, taking Lee Krasner’s style and her artistic approach as Inspiration. Come to the SCHIRN wearing your look and have your photo taken in front of the Krasner painting that most closely corresponds to it. Post your picture with our Hashtags on social media and become part of the challenge!

Lee Krasner at the WPA Pier, New York City, c. 1940. Lee Krasner Papers, c.1905-1984. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Photo: Fred Prater

Throughout her artistic career, which spanned half a century, Lee Krasner constantly reinvented herself. The pioneer of Abstract Expressionism limited herself neither to a certain color palette nor to a specific technique or format – an expression of her efforts to always remain true to herself and her intuition: “I never violate an inner rhythm. I loathe to force anything. […] I have regards for the inner voice.”

Even among her contemporaries, Lee Krasner was considered a strong, unflappable and independent woman and artist who was not afraid to literally tear up her own work to create space for the new. Despite her continually changing shapes, there is one connecting element in Krasner’s paintings: They all convey the bundled energy of her artistic power of expression and her great inner freedom.

Yet it’s not only in her art, but also in her personal appearance that Lee demonstrated her strength and self-assurance: Portraits of the artist show her as a charismatic, fashion-conscious and extroverted woman who could switch easily between a masculine trouser suit, a full skirt with a flowery print, and modest workwear

By way of inspiration: The SCHIRN team has tried out the concept for you and the results, along with many other examples of Abstract fashion and stylish turbans, can be found on our Pinte­rest-Board "DRESS LIKE LEE!"

We’ll share the most creative images on our Instagram and Pinterest channel. All participants will receive a Lee Krasner shirt, catalogues and tickets for the upcoming exhibition FANTASTIC WOMEN

We look forward to seeing your pictures!