Live in the exhibition!
FRI 19 JULY 2–6 PM
SAT 20 JULY 2–6 PM
SUN 21 JULY 11 AM–3 PM

Contemporary art has its very own sound. In the exhibition BIG ORCHES­TRA the SCHIRN presents pieces that also func­tion as musical instru­ments.

In the Open Workshop “Big Orchest(ra)dio”, eight to ten participants will work with Berlin musician and sound artist Boris Baltschun to develop short audio pieces in the tradition of experimental audio drama and sound art.

They will explore the individual installations and sculptures in the exhibition in a creative way. Alongside recordings of the artworks, other material can be incorporated into production according to participants’ interests – this may range from conceptual and narrative strategies (comprising text, language and voice) through to purely musical-tonal approaches. The workshop will explore strategies of conception and production of radiophone pieces, with particular attention paid to the transmission of visual-acoustic works in an audio medium. This includes, among other things, processes of material production and material organization, script development (using text, graphic notation, or verbally) and recording and composition techniques.