The SCHIRN presents six international video artists in a special online version of our long-standing DOUBLE FEATURE film and video art series. Monira Al Qadiri, Eli Cortiñas, Ed Fornieles, Bjørn Melhus, Agnieszka Polska and Andrew Norman Wilson each present a new piece from their respective oeuvres and will discuss their work and cinematographic interests with experts from the SCHIRN in virtually hosted talks. All the artists have previously been guests in the monthly DOUBLE FEATURE series, with which the SCHIRN offers a platform for exploring various trends and forms of expression in contemporary film-based art.



SUGAR (2019), 20 MINUTES

Bjørn Melhus’ piece is as much about questions of authenticity and individual identity in a world interconnected by media as it is about religious, ideological and spiritual modes of coexistence. For his film and video installations, Melhus develops ever more new protagonists, whom he himself embodies, thus creating an unmistakable universe: In our Double Feature Online Special Melhus will be presenting his film “Sugar”, which was named the best contribution in the German competition at the 63rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen in 2020.

Bjørn Melhus, SUGAR, 2019, 4K Video, 20:30 min, Courtesy the artist, Video Still © Bjørn Melhus


Diver, 2018, 4 Minutes

In her cinematographic work, Monira Al Qadiri builds a bridge between past and present, between mythical tales and a possible future. The economic and cultural development of the region around the Persian Gulf after the discovery of oil in the 20th century is a recurring theme here, which she tackles in the form of performances, sculptures or the moving image. In the Double Feature Online Special, Al Qadiri presents her film “Diver”, which is likewise dedicated to the consequences of the oil industry for the society and culture of the region.

Monira Al Qadiri, Diver, 2018, 4 min, © Monira Al Qadiri

Monira Al Qadiri was born in Senegal but grew up in Kuwait and gained a Ph.D. in Intermedia Art at Tokyo University of the Arts. She was a guest at the Double Feature in May 2017.


Cel, 2019, ca. 60 Minutes

In his multimedia output spanning film, performance and sculpture, artist Ed Fornieles, who is considered a pioneer of post-Internet art, continually blurs the boundaries between reality and virtuality. In his new project Cel, Fornieles turns his attention to patriarchal structures and toxic masculinity. The film documents a 72-hour performance that makes use of live action role-playing (LARP) as a format. Here, ten protagonists act as members of a radical right-wing gamer group, who live out the ideologies they propagate on the Internet. The LARP project Cel highlights the effect of hierarchical structures and violence on the behavior of the individual and draws attention to the way personal identity, role models and society are formed by social processes.

Ed Fornieles, Cel, Still, 2019, © Ed Fornieles, Courtesy Carlos/Ishikawa, London

Ed Fornieles was born in Petersfield in the UK. He now lives and works in London, where he studied at the Royal College of Art after completing a degree at Oxford University. In September 2016 Fornieles was a guest at the Double Feature.



Walls Have Feelings, 2019, 12 Minutes

Eli Cortiñas’ works deconstruct the substance of cinematographic material and call into question traditional interpretations. The artist assembles self-shot film sequences, found footage and spoken sound recordings to create associative image and sound collages. In “Walls Have Feelings” Cortiñas examines the expression of power in interiors, architecture, and the public space.

Eli Cortiñas, Walls Have Feelings (still), 2019, single channel video, 12 min., © the artist, Courtesy Soy Capitán, Berlin/ Waldburger Wouters, Brussels

Eli Cortiñas was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1979 and studied in Cologne and Denmark before moving to Berlin. In 2012, she was awarded the Karl Schmidt-Rottluff bursary. At the SCHIRN she was a guest at the Double Feature in January 2017.


In the Air Tonight, 2020, 17 Minutes

Andrew Norman Wilson works with the moving image, photography, sculpture and performance. In his cinematographic pieces, he creates a visually alienating effect with consciously applied formal and technical means and encroaches into the visual habits with which we are familiar from cinema and the media. He will premiere his new production “In the Air Tonight”, in which he recounts in a voiceover the supposed creation of the eponymous pop song by British musician Phil Collins. 

Andrew Norman Wilson, In the Air Tonight, 2020, 10 min, Courtesy the artist, © Andrew Norman Wilson

Andrew Norman Wilson studied at the Syracuse University, Newhouse School of Communications in New York and at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is a guest lecturer at the Cooper Union, School of Art in New York City. He was a guest at the Double Feature in November 2016.

Agnieszka Polska

Polish artist Agnieszka Polska lives and works in Cracow and Berlin. She studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow and under Hito Steyerl at the University of the Arts in Berlin. At the SCHIRN, Polska was a guest at the Double Feature in May 2015.

The Happiest Thought, 2019, 21 Minutes

Questions about temporality and continuity, the influence of the past on the present, and the construction of reality are recurring themes in Agnieszka Polska’s art. In her piece “The Happiest Thought”, in which she revives the prehistoric biosphere in the transition from the Permian to the Triassic period using atmospheric images, she presents the beauty of this lost environment: swarms of dragonflies, rough bodies of water, and rays of light that cut through the darkness.

Agnieszka Polska, The Happiest Thought, Fulldome-Video mit Sound, © Agnieszka Polska und Żak Branicka Gallery, Berlin. Eine Koproduktion der Berliner Festspiele / Immersion / The New Infinity mit dem Planetarium Hamburg