From Problem Child to Elderly Prodigy - Bazon Brock's Pleasure March through theoretical territory

An exhibition of art differs from the theoretical territory of aesthetics like a chemistry laboratory from a stand at a trade fair for household plastics. Brock works with the arts, rather than just nailing them on the wall. Brock’s way of thinking about art opens up vast perspectives. Theorems like “God and Trash” or “The Prohibited Worst Case” demonstrate how arbitrariness can reveal connections and how eternity can be constructed out a crises of faith. Art teaches us to venerate what we fear; museums are temples for atheists who have declared their faith in art. Brock gives instructions for Fininvests – that is, for investments in the end; he constructs surviving units and recants the twentieth century. These are action teachings of a special kind, whose goal is to create an enduring collection of burial objects for the sixties generation that includes a resurrection facility.