Tuesday - Friday, 10 am – 2 pm 
Saturday + Sunday, 10 am – 6 pm 
Family Day on Wednesdays will not take place during the summer holidays


A unique world of playing and learning for children from three years to primary school age. Mixing or feeling paints. Having the courage to try out new things. Or simply folding everything up... At the new MINISCHIRN, kids can have a go at this and much more besides. You can tell by the architecture alone that this is a truly fantastic place for children. For the MINI­SCHIRN is structured like a gigantic tree house, meaning kids get to discover one exciting space after another – and a magnificent world of colors, shapes and structures.

The MINISCHIRN encourages kids to go out and actively discover aesthetic phenomena, to create things and to experiment. Color phenomena, principles of composition, physical laws and other aesthetic principles – at the MINISCHIRN, understanding things that might sound complicated or abstract is simply child’s play! Touching things, taking objects apart and putting them back together again is absolutely fine – as is watching, pondering and reading. This way, children actively learn about the fundamentals of creativity and art in a safe environment. Not only do they gain new insights, they also build confidence in their own abilities. And while the kids are busy with their aesthetic experiences, their parents get to enjoy the current shows at the SCHIRN. Sound like a good deal? It certainly is. So why wait? Let’s be off to the MINISCHIRN!


The MINISCHIRN has been made possible through generous support from the Dr. Marschner Foundation. Additional backing is provided by the City of Frankfurt